When weighing the vast economic and technological changes that have swept over the country in the last 90 years, the thought of one company surviving, much less thriving, over that period of time seems remote.

However, at Croft, we've made it our business to evolve and weather the many changes in markets and technology. Over fifty years ago, Croft moved its operations from Jamestown, New York to McComb, Mississippi. This move proved vital to Croft capturing and capitalizing on the window
and door market.

Today, we are one of the largest window and door suppliers in the country, producing a full line of aluminum and vinyl windows and doors and employing nearly 500 people. These products are sold to distributors, lumber yards and home improvement stores throughout the continental United States. These goods are computer-routed to customers and delivered by Croft's timely truck fleet.

What is the secret to this long-term success, when other companies are constantly folding and being bought out by large, ever-changing conglomerates? Maybe it is a simple philosophy that says we'll produce a quality, affordable product and stand behind it. Or it could be a belief that each customer is the most important. But most importantly, it's a commitment to build products that, like the company itself, are built for life.

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