Some might think that embracing innovation is difficult for a vinyl window company that enjoys the kind of heritage that Croft does. We definitely don’t think so. In fact, we have a track record that demonstrates our lasting ability to lead the charge in innovative window manufacturing and quality design. By retaining the heritage of quality and strength that has always been at the core of the Croft business model, and moving forward with every development in technology and advancement in design, Croft vinyl windows are able to continue to lead the pack. Our vinyl windows have been pioneering the way in energy efficient windows since long before "green" came to the forefront of the public’s attention. With Intercept glass, reinforced interlocking systems, and fully pocketed sills, Croft vinyl windows take energy efficiency to a new level. With a total welded frame, our vinyl windows are built to last.


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The Savannah Series is the signature vinyl window of the industry.  This window provides the highest levels of energy efficency, and its brick mold gives a traditional look to the home exterior. The Charleston Series is another strong option in vinyl windows.  Whether it's new construction or replacement, this window's beveled frame gives a more contemporary look to the home exterior.The Magnolia Series is the most economical choice in vinyl windows. The side load design provides additional structural strength and a full range of glass packages offer increased thermal performance. Its brick mold look gives a traditional look to the ho
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