To be in the window business as long as we have here at Croft, there are a few things you have to get right. To start, you have to consistently deliver a quality product that can stand alone, day in and day out. Second, you have to stand behind it; even though the superior quality of the product means it can stand alone, supporting customers is a key element to our success as a business. Our aluminum windows are a perfect example of the fusion of these elements. Croft Aluminum windows have been the industry standard for decades. From the unparalleled strength of the Summit Series, to the economical Capstone Series, every Croft aluminum window is built solid, strong, and energy efficient. We’ve been manufacturing easily installed energy star windows with a variety of glass options for years. With our track record of quality and reliability, it’s easy to see why Croft has been around as long as we have. Like every window we make, our aluminum windows are built for life.


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With unparalelled strength and energy efficiency, the Summit Series is the signature aluminum window in the industry. Solid in construction and easy to install, the Pinnacle Series is another quality choice in aluminum windows. The Reliant Series is a more economical choice in aluminum windows while still maintaining optional features for enegy efficiency. The Capstone Series is the most economical choice in aluminum windows.
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