Beyond the Fog: Quality Window Manufacturing

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Last week we looked at what float glass is all about. If you missed any of it, be sure to go back and check it out. After talking about float glass and all the wonderful benefits of modern window manufacturing and glass making technology, we moved on to more sinister topics with the glossary term fogging. This is a problem that can occasionally occur when a sealed double or multi-paned glass window’s seal is compromised or some other hiccup in the manufacturing process causes an unwanted blemish or deposit on the inside of the window. These windows are often recycled or used for other purposes. Fogged windows can occur in old windows and otherwise damaged windows and are not always the result of manufacturing issues.


Moving along at a steady clip, we are going to look at the term frame. This might seem too basic to include in our list, but we are dedicated to leaving no rock or stone unturned, no matter how small. So, what is a frame? Well, a frame is one of the most elemental and fundamental components of a vinyl window, aluminum window, or any other type of window or door for that matter. Without a frame, a window would cease to exist. You could say that the frame is akin to the skeleton of a living body. Without it, form, function, and everything else would fall out of the window… except in this case there would be no window to fall out of because without frames there are no windows. Sorry to tie your mind up in a knot like that, but sometimes extreme situations call for extreme measures. Let’s untie that knot with a simple explanation of what a frame is. A frame is, quite simply, the piece of the window that holds the glass, the hardware, and the casement of a sash in place and makes a window a window.

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